Congratulations, You've been featured in a Top Tier Publication! 
Below are some steps to take to leverage your article, and how to maximize your ROI. 


Before sharing anywhere, add the article to Pixel.Me 
and add a tracking pixel, this will allow you to capture data, and audiences for retargeting with ads & other offers.
1. Sign Up For Pixel Me Here:
2. Find Instructions On How To Add Embed Pixel Here:


Add an AS SEEN ON: Banner to your website, graphics, funnels or opt in pages to leverage the instant credibility of being published.
1. Download Logos Of Top Tier Publications Here
2. Publication Cover Graphic Will Be Created When You Provide 
A High Resolution Image


Create graphics to leverages the “celebrities” in your article: Canva Makes It Easy To Create Graphics.


Share on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat — Encourage your followers to like, love, and comment. Maybe let them know that your article is going to publish in advance. (Helps with engagement!) See example:


Incentivize sharing by offering a service for the best comment, e.g. a scholarship in your program or a complimentary coaching call. See example:


When sharing on social media, add a longer narrative about why you created your business or service. This works well on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.


If you have a Facebook business page, send ads to 
the post, but don't forget to create a Pixelme link to capture the audiences for retargeting. 
If you need help with Running ads let us know, we can help.


After you create Pixelme link run FB Ads directly to your article to collect the audience. ( we are seeing the lowest CPA we have ever seen to build audiences .02. Then retarget your offers or webinars to these audiences. ( CPL drastically reduced) 



Share to your contacts and list by sending an email with your cover picture and your article link asking them to comment, 
and share article.
Use Canva to create beautiful visuals with different pieces of micro-content from your quote. Include a short link back to the article or Swipe Up  Here’s an example:


In your email signature, add “Read my interview on Entrepreneur/Time Money/CNBC etc.”


On your blog, write two or three articles which expand on your advice in our story. Repost to Facebook and LinkedIn.


Add a screenshot of the article to your lead magnet and sales page, and/or add the media outlet’s logo to your page for instant authority.

If you need help with any of these steps reach send and email to: 

Congratulations! Being featured will grow your credibility, 
level up your positioning and increase revenue. Please reach out if you need any help with promotion or if you would like to have a FULL FEATURE Article.

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